About Us v1

Established brand Fei Fah Novelty Food is proud to announce the official opening of 155 South Bridge, its first flagship retail store and café in Singapore, at Pagoda Street on 1st August 2016.

Drawing keen inspiration from the distinct character and unique charm of Chinatown, the creators of 155 South Bridge retail store and café aspire to go above and beyond standard retailing. From its inception, 155 South Bridge has been designed to cater to Singapore’s growing need for premium health and lifestyle products, as well as the local community’s love for durian. 

The brand Chui Lau Heung is a Singapore brand established since 2005. Chui Lau Heung which is well known internationally, is owned by Fei Fah Novelty Food (Singapore) Pte Ltd and a co-brand of 155 South Bridge This brand is famous for its durian snowy moon cakes and premium quality durian specialty pastries and desserts. Besides renowned for its undisputed quality, its highly creative and ingenious effort in bringing out novel ideas into its creation for a wide assortment of durian products unseen and never before offered by other durian players in the market arouse continuous excitement and high expectations from the markets in the past decade.

Our mission statement is to make continuous effort into creating new and exciting premium products complement with high customer service standard. We want customers to enjoy the holistic product and service that they will never get to enjoy elsewhere in the market.

To deliver with such comprehensive offer standard is by no means overnight accomplishment. It is the number of years of refining our shortfall accompanied with sharp learning curve, accumulation of better know how and business networking for us to reach this far. Chui Lau Heung has made a mark in the international market for finest durian quality product assurance and widest durian offerings. You name it, we have it but we will never be contented with our current deliverance or achievement. There will be always room for improvement.

Chui Lau Heung has made it to the top 5 brands in Hong Kong for moon cakes and is also very well known in USA, Canada, China and Macau.