Frequently Asked questions

1. What is the difference between Malaysia and Thailand Durian?


Durian from Malaysia are only pick from the tree after they are ripe, thus greater water retention and shelf life of 1 week, while Durian from Thailand are usually pick from the tree before it’s ripe.

2. How many variety of Durian are there from Malaysia?


There are hundreds of varieties of Durian from Malaysia, but there are top 10 favourite that are available in Singapore. They are Mao Shan Wang, Golden Phoenix, XO, D24, D13, D1, D101, Red Prawn, Green Bamboo, Black Pearl.

3. How to pick a Durian?


Sniff along the seams or split lines of the durian – you should smell a slight fragrance. If there is no aroma, the durian is unripe. If the aroma is too strong, the durian is probably over-ripe.

The best durians are usually oval in shape. Oddly shaped fruit are likely to have fewer chambers inside, thus fewer seeds.

Always buy from reputable seller, so you know you’re paying for quality fruit.

4. Are Durian Heaty?


From the perspective of traditional medicine, Durian is a fruit with strong ‘warming’ property and over indulgence can induce symptoms such as phlegm cough, sore throat, constipation or fever in some cases.

5. How to store our Durian Snowy Skin Mooncake?


Customers are advised to store the mooncake in the freezer as soon as possible and retrieve only the portion you would like to consume. This can help to ensure the freshness of the Mooncake.